New ‘Madame President’ at UN Nat’l Women’s Council

NEW YORK, December 30, 2016 — In October, Saideh “Sai” Browne was elected 40th President of  The National Council of Women of The United States (NCWUS) — a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at the () in New York, USA.

President Browne has hit the ground running forming new partnerships in the international community as well as local educational organizations. For example, new supporting members of the Council will have an opportunity to participate in a leadership development program certified by Pillar College. This program focuses on character development, confidence building, and networking with like-minded women.

Browne has also traveled to Flynt, Michigan to provide bottled water to residents whose water was contaminated. Taking on humanitarian projects to support women and girls, offering education and literacy programs, and promoting voter rights are what founders Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth pioneered in 1880 when they started the organization. It is these same fundamentals that Browne continues to embrace and fight for as she represents the NGO domestically and abroad as part of the UN community.

Browne’s immediate focus is to strengthen NCWUS’s commitment to the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG’s) and the NGO’s membership by engaging youth, millennials, and women across multiple occupations. Armed with a far-reaching network, a winsome personality, and experience entrepreneurship and public relations, are part of what Browne brings to the table as the organization’s new president.

Browne is the author of eight books on personal development, music, and entrepreneurial success. With a background in public relations, she is well-versed speaker recently presenting a TEDx Talk in Westhampton, NJ on the topic: why women need to act now. Equipped with a clear vision and her tenacity to succeed, Browne will, no doubt, continue the legacy of the NCWUS as a platform that advocates for all women.

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