Slain soldiers parents politicize son’s death at DNC

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NEW YORK,  July 31, 2016 — The parents of a fallen American hero killed in action in Iraq a dozen years ago took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention to open old wounds and criticize Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump.

There is no question that Captain Humayun is an American hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice of giving his life for our country dying to the hands of radical Muslim insurgents in Iraq.  Lamentably, there are plenty of questions for the motives of his parents whom unearthed the heartbreak of losing their son 12 years ago in attempt to insult Mr. Trump.

“Have you even read the Constitution?”

Angrily waving a pocket-sized paperback copy of the US Constitution, Khizr Kahn, father of the slain shouted at Mr. Trump as if to castigate him for his son’s death.  However, it was then- Senator Hillary Clinton who voted to put US troops in harm’s way when she voted in support of the war. Being a political outsider, Mr. Trump had nothing to do with Captain Kahn’s death at the hands of militant Islamic rebels in Iraq.

So why are Mr. Kahn and his wife pouring salt into their own wound?

Why did Kahn’s father and mother decide to do it more than a decade after their son’s tragic passing?

Why did they choose to discuss something so deeply personal at the Democratic National Convention?

And why did they not hold Mrs. Clinton accountable for their son when she actually voted for military action to topple Iraq?

We may not know the answers to these questions immediately, but we will eventually find out as Mr. Trump has responded in kind with criticism of his own.  Trump has always been a firebrand, but he’s also been long recognized as a caring father.  Trump may be capable of many things- including the blame  but taking the stage at a national political party convention to politicize the death of his own child (more than a decade after the fact) to distract, divert, and distort the facts of Secretary Clinton’s  highly questionable record,  is not consistent with how Trump has treated his children thus far.

What we know for sure is that Captain Kahn is to be saluted for his service to our nation, and both of his parents ought to be ashamed of what they are doing to his legacy.  Trump should be equally ashamed of going after the mother’s silence in his retort as an attempt to draw thinly veiled parallels to the mistreatment of women and their lack of human rights under Islam’s Sharia Law.

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